ZikZak stairs


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ZikZak cat stairs series is very popular among cats. In addition to wall mounting, the ZikZak stair elements can also be attached to a window. You can choose between three depths: 13 cm, 17 cm, or 25 cm and either right (R) or left (L) rising. The 13 cm deep elements are perfect for the smallest cats, but also make a great rally track for cats of all sizes. Our sisal gives your cat a secure grip, even during the wildest games.

The durability of the pieces is based on a design where the ends of the pieces point up and down: In this case, the part carries the vertical load best.

- We recommend installing the parts with the sisal side facing upwards

- We recommend not to install the parts horizontally

Fixing on glass is only an option that can be safe in certain situations, but it requires care and expertise, and we cannot accept liability for any damage.


In the map Colors-21 you can find recommended color combinations. You can also create your own individual color combination: Choose the color for Cloth-Binding-Sisal.

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