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The fabulous Taboo series

The fantastic Taboo series is a collection of basic shaped pieces. The Round, Half, Tri and Oval pieces are impressive on their own, but by combining different sizes and shapes you can create a really stylish climbing wall for your cat. All elements in the set are mounted sideways on the wall. The elements are surrounded by our quality sisal, which gives your cat's claws a secure grip even at a tough climb. The front and back of the pieces are made of fabric. The set is completed by a trendy Mood design.

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Introcat gets new Ananimalab cat elements

Dr. Karim Montasser is a veterinarian who also works as a medical writer and Youtuber. On his Youtube channel "Der Tierarzt“ " he clarifies questions from veterinary medicine and new research results.

His cat Introcat came in 2016 and previously lived on the street. She had free access at the beginning, but was massively stressed by it. Therefore, Introcat is now an indoor-only cat and relaxed.

Introcat's new adventure wall consists of: 2 x Balk 120-17, 3 x Balk 30 and the new Boulder elements for the window 3 x 25 x 25 cm + 1 x 17x 25 cm.

About our design

- as mounted on a wall, our products stay stable without any additional trunk

- mounting on the wall with tested sticker system, without tools, simply and quickly, anyone can do this

- when mounting has been once done properly, it stays stable without loosing

- furniture on a wall saves space and helps household functions

- durability through high quality materials: tough weaved sisal carpet beats any glued rope, and we have lots of it, so the load is spread

- body of elements is made of polystyren - same stuff, that makes your house energy efficient. This material reflects heat for your cats' comfort, and low weight helps on shipping

- modular execution gives more lifespan - you only change one worn piece

- our products are nontoxic, emissionless and firesafe

- in design we minimize material waste and optimize logistics. Our factory implements sustainability and recycling

- we have the Design from Finland -recognition for professional and user-oriented design

- our products are irresistible from cats' point of view

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