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High quality materials and expertise

Ananimalab cat furniture combines a classic Scandinavian design concept with modern materials, fixing technology and creative ideas. High quality materials and a beautiful appearance give our furniture a unique style that sets it apart from the others.

Durable sisal carpet

We use genuine, Boucle-bonded sisal carpet woven throughout, glued to the frame with solvent-free, non-toxic, emission-free and water-soluble adhesives. Sisal carpet has natural anti-static properties, making it ideal for people with allergies. In addition, sisal improves the acoustics of the room.

Pleasant fabric

Fleece fabric is a tough and cat-friendly material. The thick Fleece has no loose threads that encourage cats to tear the fabric. 

Carpet border finishing off your cat furniture

We cover carpets with professional machines and borders. Cotton borders prevent the carpet from fraying and keep the carpet neat and tidy. The borders also come in a wide range of colours to help you customise your furniture. In addition, you can also use an accent colour on the cover, allowing you to match the cat furniture with your favourite colour.

Installation of cat elements

Our cat furniture is quick and easy to install, even on your own. All our products are fully ready for installation. Installation is completely tool-free: no drilling, no hammer, no screws, no plugs. The wall-mounting stickers are ironed firmly into the wall with an iron. Attach the wall stickers according to the instructions supplied, so that they stick permanently to the wall. Over time, the stickers will adhere even more firmly to the wall.

Different wall surfaces

Our cat furniture is often fixed to a variety of wall surfaces: painted concrete or plasterboard, brick or block, wallpaper or various types of sheeting.

Very suitable wall surfaces
The most common painted surfaces, such as painted concrete or plasterboard. Surfaces covered with fibreglass wallpaper are also reliable, even if the wallpaper has textures. Other suitable surfaces include various types of decorative tiles for walls.

Please note that the newly painted wall must be completely dry before applying the sticker. The drying time of the paint depends, among other things, on the number of coats, the properties of the paint and the brand of paint.

Wide stickers
If the wall is otherwise suitable but the wall surface is rough, you should order cat furniture with wider stickers that cost a little more. Such surfaces include brick and block surfaces with joints that require a wide sticker to cross them. A wider sticker will also help on some lightly plastered surfaces.

Advance testing with a test sticker

However, today's wallpapers have a variety of coatings, some of which will reject the adhesive of a sticker. If in doubt, order a free test sticker to test the adhesion of the surface. Deeper plasters are also best tested in advance.

Background plate

We do not recommend the use of through-bolting to fix furniture components. Alternatively, you can purchase a backing plate the size of the furniture, which is easier to fix to the wall with screws. Thicker boards such as 15-18 mm mdf, osb or chipboard only need 2-4 screws to be fixed. The cat furniture is fixed to the panel using standard sheet metal fixing pegs.

Watch the instruction video before installation and read the full fixing instructions that come with the kit. Read the instructions carefully. A properly made wall fixing will last in the future without deterioration.

Removal of wall stickers

The wall stickers are strongly adhesive to ensure your cat's safety. When removed, the stickers can cause damage, especially to sensitive surfaces such as painted walls and paper wallpaper. Pay particular attention to removal.

  1. Remove the furniture from the wall by twisting it smoothly from the side. Any stickers on the furniture should remain on the furniture. Do not tear the furniture from the wall!
  2. First heat the sticker on the wall at the corner where you will start to remove the sticker. When the sticker feels warm, gently lift the sticker by the edge.
  3. Patience is power! Work slowly without tearing, pulling or jerking the sticker. Avoid pulling the sticker off at a 90-degree angle. Always heat the part of the sticker you are removing, so the heat effect is even and the sticker comes off more easily.

Before removing the stickers, watch the instructional video.

Note: clean removal of the stickers always depends on the quality of the wall surface. If the paint is poorly adhered to the base, the paint may come off. In this case, you will need to patch the paint. 


Responsibility of the installer

Wall mounting

Wall stickers leave no marks on most materials. However, the installer is always responsible for the application and any damage to the mounting surface. Successful removal of wall stickers depends on careful removal and the quality of the wall surface. As every wall surface is individual in terms of the materials used, we cannot guarantee a perfect result.

It is normal for the flat to leave marks over time. If the flat is a rental property, normal signs of wear and tear are allowed (small dents, holes, glue residue or peeling paint). However, it is easier and quicker to repair marks left by wall stickers than holes caused by screws.

Window fixing

Fixing to glass is an option that requires care and caution. There is always the possibility that the glass will break. However, there are no known cases of broken glass. However, we do not accept any liability for damage caused when fixing glass.

How do I clean the cat furniture?

For thorough cleaning, it's a good idea to remove the elements from the wall - it takes seconds, just like putting them back in place. Sisal carpet is primed with a thin latex that holds the carpet in place. Normally sisal does not like moisture, but when primed and firmly attached to the frame, it can be steam cleaned, destroying various pathogens. Disinfection in freezing temperatures is also possible.

The most cat hair collects on the easy-to-clean fleece fabric. A tape brush can be used for cleaning, but we recommend starting with a stiff synthetic fibre brush with bristles longer than 5 cm. When brushing fleece, it is a useful step to look for the tail hairs of the fabric. If the fabric 'fuzzies' when brushed, it is advisable to brush in a direction that keeps the fabric as smooth and shiny as possible, so that the fabric wears as little as possible.

After cleaning, the furniture is put back in place.


The most common fixing problems

If the wall stickers do not stick to the wall, it is likely that the wall surface is unclean. There may be sticky and non-sticky areas on the same wall: Grease from the kitchen and finishing paint applied to a surface that has not been cleaned will cause impurities to be absorbed into the paint surface. We therefore recommend cleaning the wall surface carefully before installation.

You should use a solvent on problem areas. To remove solvent residues, we recommend a water wash. In the most difficult areas, a light sanding of the wall surface at the sticker spots may also be useful. It is usually best to order new wall stickers for the problem area (the problem occurs in about 2% of orders).

If the elements seem to come off the wall stickers even though they remain on the wall, this is because the wall stickers have been ironed with too much heat and the hooks of the wall stickers have melted on a microscopic level that is not visible. We recommend ironing with a maximum heat of 2,5 points, not full heat. However, sometimes 3 points is too high because the temperature of the irons varies. If the stickers do not stick together, it is best to order new wall stickers and replace the old ones at a lower temperature (the frequency of the problem is about 1%).

The stickers that come off the elements are for orders from the year -21 and sometimes before. Elements made in this period have had problems with the durability of the felt stickers. We have developed a solution for this problem that you can easily and reliably repair at home. Please report the problem to and we will provide you with a complete repair kit quickly and free of charge (the frequency of the problem for pieces ordered in -21 is now 0).

Your choice of colours contributes to the harmony of your home's interior design

Choice of colour

When choosing colours for your cat furniture, it's a good idea to listen to your own taste and style. Choosing a colour can seem challenging when faced with so many options. With the full range of colours on our colour chart to help you customise your cat furniture to match your interior.
Get to know the colours

BigCats reinforcement package

Kissan kiipeilykalusteen tulee olla vakaa ja turvallinen. Vahvistuspaketin ansiosta kissakalusteemme isoille ja useimmille kissoille eivät ole normaaleja kalusteitamme kookkaampia. Kalusteen mitat säilyvät ennallaan. 

Big cats and big paws

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test sticker

Our cat furnitures are quick and easy to install. Our factory has innovated, tested and developed the Velcro method for its numerous advantages. All our products are completely ready to install, no need to order stickers separately.If you're still a little unsure, it's time to find out! Order a free test sticker to test the adhesion of your apartment's surface. Delivery includes a strip of stickers and instructions.
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Moving house? Changing your room order? Order extra stickers

You can easily change the position of the elements as your space needs change or when you move to a new apartment. When repositioning cat furniture, you will need new stickers.

New wall mounting stickers are inexpensive. The stickers will be sent to you as a single strip, from which you cut the appropriate dimensions yourself.

When ordering a sticker, please indicate the desired width (30 mm or 50 mm) and the colour of the sticker. In addition to black, white is also available.

Order extra stickers

Choose durable cat furniture

The best environmental move is to choose a responsible cat furniture manufacturer whose products have a long-life cycle.

Our cat furniture travels the world

We supply our cat furniture to almost the whole of Europe, excluding EU territories with non-EU VAT status.
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