Color combinations and instructions

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About wall surfaces

We have innovated and developed our Velcro attachment for many advances it has. Our customers have been succesful to mount our furniture on painted concrete or plasterboard, on tile or brick, wall paper or different other boards.

Secure surfaces

Secure surfaces for mounting are the most common painted surfaces, like painted concrete or plasterboard. We also know, that walls covered with painted glassfibermat are secure, even with some texture. Most wall panels are suitable for mounting too, if they are not covered with unsuitable plastic film.

Broad stickers

You will need double wide stickers in cases the wall surface is uneven, like with tiles or bricks. They have seams, that the wider sticker can go over. With some other uneven surfaces, like lower plastering those wider stickers help in mounting too.

Testing with test stickers

Traditional wall paper is secure surface. Still, modern wall papers tend to come with different kinds of coatings, and some of those are repelling the sticker glue. If you are not sure, do order a free test sticker to try your surface. Also deeper plastering needs to be tested beforehand.


We don't recommend mounting our furniture by screwing through. Better option is to supply a backboard same size as your furniture, which can be mounted with less screws and easier. Somewhat thicker boards, like 15-18 mm mdf or osb can be mounted with only 2-4 screws, and the furniture itself is mounted to the board with standard stickers provided.

Mounting elements

Video shows, how easy and quick it is to mount Tutti i Gatti+ -furniture.

Removing stickers

Video shows, how to remove stickers from wall surface if you are to move to new address. We offer new wall stickers on very reasonable price, for safety reasons.

FAQ - Answers

- all our products are ready to install - you don't need to order extra stickers or else

- remember to inform us about your choice of colors.

- color choice is not mentioned in order confirmation - if there is not any, we will ask you by email

- if your cats are large (> 8 kg), you should consider to order your pieces with BigCats-reinforcement treat

- as you order extra stickers because of you have moved or else, it would be a good idea to inform us about the pieces you'd like to have them to in order to get right products

- broad 5cm stickers are meant to secure fastening on slightly uneven surfaces as brick or else - ordering them you get only the wall stickers. If you want broad stickers to the pieces too, choose BigCats-addition along your pieces