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More than the sum of its parts - Ananimalab cat elements

One of the most important principles of Ananimalab cat elements is their versatility. The components of the different series are designed and sized so that the different elements can be easily combined with each other.

If you have less wall space or just want to start smaller, check out our miniseries and build a smaller but unique climbing wall for your cat. We've designed several recommended combinations for you, but depending on how you put them together, the climbing wall is completely unique - just choose the colors that match your decor from our color chart. 

You can change the climbing walls and extend them as you wish. You can also easily combine the elements of the climbing wall with existing cat furniture according to your taste, your decorating style and your cat's preferences.

Place the elements at different heights and distances on the wall. For example, start 45-55 centimeters above the floor. The distances between the different elements are about 45 cm. For sporty and very active cats, the distances can also be set larger - we recommend these distances, especially for older cats. 

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