Collection: ZikZak combinations

The ZikZak stair element serie is the number one thing for cats. The Double, One and Bed series have become very popular with cats. Putting together an elegant climbing wall with ZikZak elements is easy, choose from three depths: 13 cm, 17 cm or 25 cm and either right (R) or left (L) ascending. The ZikZak elements simultaneously provide a space for the cat to sharpen its claws and act as a place to watch and sleep. Thanks to our Velcro method, installation is possible both on the wall and on the window.

The product line was developed at the customer's request from elements that can be attached to glass. Fixing the elements to the glass is always a safety issue for you and your cat, as we cannot guarantee a perfect success. When considering fixing a ZikZak element to glass, first and foremost consider the age of the home, as the quality and thickness of glass varies from time to time, even on different glass surfaces. We are happy to provide further information on glass installation.

The durability of ZikZak-One and Double is based on a design where the ends of the pieces point up and down.This is the best way for the piece to bear a vertical load.We recommend installing the pieces with the sisalside facing upwards and we do not recommend mounting the pieces horizontally.

ZikZak elements are attached to the surface from the side, therefore the 50 mm wide BigCats reinforcement sticker is not available. In addition to the standard elements, ready-made combinations with all 3 elements are available. The price of the combinations is pre-calculated with a 5% series discount.

We hope the design will give you new ideas!