The preference of cats to hide

Cats sleep often and for long periods - on average 12-16 hours a day, but 12-20 hours is perfectly normal. A quiet place where your cat can retreat and sleep undisturbed is especially important. When your cat moves in with you, a separate place for the cat is part of the initial equipment.

Most cats like to hide and retreat to their own space. But there are also personalities. You can easily test your newcomer's preference for hiding by placing an empty, small cardboard box in the room. If your cat tries to squeeze into the box after a short time, a den is the right place for your cat.

Your cat's own den is not only a place to sleep, but also a place where he can rest, take a nap and observe the surroundings without being disturbed. A safe den environment lowers your cat's stress levels and helps them stay more resilient.

The material of Ananimalab cat furniture reflects heat to keep your cat comfortable

When your cat rests, its body temperature drops. This allows your cat to conserve energy and lower its metabolism. That's why cats like to lie down in the warm for a nap. The body material of Ananimalab cat furniture reflects heat to keep your cat comfortable. In our range you will find the integrable Tutti i Gatti wall panel concept caves (ø 30 and 20 cm), the versatile S-Triple (cave and lying area) and the Tube with sisal inside the cave. Also, a curved element suitable for small cats.