Cats are masters at climbing. Create an exciting climbing wall against boredom.

Climbing walls come in many different shapes: large, small, narrow, wide, with several branches, simple, attachable, drillable, etc.But how do you choose the right cat furniture for your cat? How can you give your indoor cat enough space to move around and climb?

Climbing is both healthy and an excellent pastime for your cat. Therefore, it is important that your cat has a sufficiently varied and large scratching post. Ananimalab has developed wall-mounted climbing and scratching elements for cats that replace the traditional scratching posts on the floor.

Does my cat need a climbing wall?

Cats are curious, they like to lurk and hide. Boredom is the worst thing for indoor cats. A properly designed climbing wall will motivate your cat to climb and move around more. It also helps with daily claw care. Climbing elements are a great way to create an exciting climbing wall for your cat. Unlike many scratching posts, cat climbing walls take up very little space.

Which cats are suitable for the climbing wall?

Every cat likes to climb and jump, find its way to high places and snooze where it can see everything. Therefore, a climbing wall is especially suitable for all young and adult, healthy cats. Older cats often suffer from arthritis and avoid high jumps. In this case, you should set the elements of the climbing wall low and the distances between the individual elements so that they are suitable for the older cat.

What should be considered when designing a climbing wall?

When planning a cat climbing wall, think about the paths from your cat's point of view.

- Create several new climbing paths so your cat can get to different places.

- Consider where your cat can safely jump, climb and balance, and where its resting and observation area is.

- Make sure your cat can get down safely

- If there is normal furniture along the paths, protect the surface with e.g. a Lätty scratch mat to avoid the risk of slipping and falling.

You can also combine different elements. You know your cat best and can therefore determine the distances between the different elements. You can choose between prefabricated climbing sets or individual elements.

Installing a Cat Climbing Wall

Always follow the instructions provided when installing the Cat Climbing Wall. Familiarise yourself with our mounting method beforehand and read the instructions carefully. Before your cat gets to know your new cat furniture, make sure it is securely attached to the wall. Give your cat time to discover the new climbing wall. Your cat may ignore the new cat furniture for a few days before suddenly taking an interest.

We are happy to help you design a climbing wall and answer any questions you may have: