Terms and conditions for gift cards and discount codes

Ananimalab 's digital gift card for a cat lover is a welcome gift

This is how the Ananimalab gift card works:

  • Buying a gift card in our online shop is easy and you can choose between 10, 25, 50, 100 and 200 euros to load onto your card. Once loaded, the gift card cannot be reloaded or revalued.
  • You can spend the value of the gift card in one go or in parts. You can use the gift card to pay the remaining amount using any of the payment methods of your choice in the online shop.
  • The value of the gift card cannot be exchanged for cash. If the value of the gift card remains after payment, the code can be used again at the checkout. You can check the remaining value by sending us an enquiry to info@ananimal.eu.
  • If a product purchased with a gift card is refunded, you will get your money back on a new voucher.
  • Gift cards purchased online have a 14-day return policy.
  • Gift cards are used to pay the final total price, including shipping and taxes.
  • There is no expiry date on a Ananimalab gift card.
  • In promotional sales, gift cards cannot be combined with promotional codes or automatic discounts.

When giving a gift card as a gift, make sure that the recipient is also aware of the terms and conditions.

The laws and regulations governing gift cards are in accordance with Finnish law. We are happy to provide further information: info@ananimal.eu

Promotional codes and discounts

Discount codes

We offer our customers various discounts on our products, collections or product versions in connection with promotions.

Customers can receive a discount code in our newsletter, through social media posts or personally. To receive the discount, the customer must enter the code at the checkout.

The following information is specified in the discount code:

  • the expiry date of the code
  • code expiry dates
  • the minimum order amount before the code can be used
  • which products, collections or versions the discount can be applied to
  • whether the discount can be combined with other discount categories

Automatic discounts

We offer our customers discounts that are automatically applied to the shopping cart at checkout. The discount can be a cash discount, free delivery or a Take X, Pay Y discount.

For the automatic discount to work correctly, the customer must add all items eligible for the discount to their shopping cart before proceeding to checkout. This includes products that they must purchase to receive the discount, as well as products that they receive as part of a promotion.