Ananimalab - About Us

Why does a cat scratching post have to look like a foreign object in your beautifully decorated living room? Why can't you design a scratching post that matches your interior and at the same time meets your cat's needs in the best possible way? Why do most cat trees stand in the corner like a torn monster after a short time? And does a cat tree have to be a "tree" at all? These initial ideas gave rise to the unique Ananimalab cat elements, which are always handmade just for you and your cat.

In spring 2014, the design process for the now classic TiG+ series began. The focus was to design an element for cats that would meet the needs of cats and at the same time satisfy the visual demands of the cat owner. From a functional and visual point of view, it made the most sense to place the cat furniture on the wall. The Velcro method was developed because of its many advantages. By placing the furniture on the wall, the cat owner has more space on the floor, and the elements, when designed in the cat's favorite colors, blend in well with the existing modern furnishings.

From the beginning, the idea was to use materials of the highest possible quality. The most important material for the cat is the real, tightly woven sisal, which is glued to the frame throughout with solvent-free, non-toxic, and emission-free adhesives.

Fleece is the perfect material for cat furniture as it is very strong, durable, and comfortable for the cat. The chain strips close off the Ananimalab- cat elements and prevent the sisal from fraying, so that the sisal mat remains clean and tidy.

The frame of the furniture is made of fireproof EPS polystyrene, which is also used for heat and energy insulation in houses. The material is very light and material-intensive, completely emission-free and odorless, and for cats the frame has the special property of being heat-reflective, which significantly increases their comfort. Our cat elements have been awarded the "Design from Finland" design label for their professional and user-friendly design.

The sale of Ananimalab cat elements started on 16.05.2017 with the campaign The Grand Opening: first series on sale! Our story has been going on for 5 years now. Our range of cat elements has grown tremendously, and new elements have been designed by cats and cat owners alike.

In addition to the modular wall panel system Tutti i Gatti+, which has already become a classic, complementary steps and climbing columns have been developed. The glass mounting elements of the ZikZak family, originally requested by the customer, can be combined with the elements of the Taboo series to create a spectacular adventure path for a cat. With the Balk series, it is easy to create a dedicated staircase and climbing corner for the cat. With the easy and quick to attach Lätty scratching mats, the furniture does not have to suffer. Lätty scratching mats also protect walls, doors and floors and support the cat's claw care in the house

We have invested heavily in the quality and sustainability of our cat elements. Our stunning elements have found their way not only to our home country, but also to the walls of cat owners in Europe and far abroad.