Removal of wall stickers

The wall stickers are strongly adhesive to ensure your cat's safety. When removed, the stickers can cause damage, especially to sensitive surfaces such as painted walls and paper wallpaper. Pay particular attention to removal.

  1. Remove the furniture from the wall by twisting it smoothly from the side. Any stickers on the furniture should remain on the furniture. Do not tear the furniture from the wall!
  2. First heat the sticker on the wall at the corner where you will start to remove the sticker. When the sticker feels warm, gently lift the sticker by the edge.
  3. Patience is power! Work slowly without tearing, pulling or jerking the sticker. Avoid pulling the sticker off at a 90-degree angle. Always heat the part of the sticker you are removing, so the heat effect is even and the sticker comes off more easily.

Before removing the stickers, watch the instructional video.

Note: clean removal of the stickers always depends on the quality of the wall surface. If the paint is poorly adhered to the base, the paint may come off. In this case, you will need to patch the paint.