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Price €299.00

A popular cat staircase set with all 3 different ZikZak elements: Bed, One and Double. The elements have a width of 17 cm. On the climbing wall, the cat grooms its claws almost automatically thanks to our strong and durable inner mat. By placing the different elements at suitable distances, you can provide your cat with meaningful activity, which will also help to treat any overweight or arthritis your cat may have.

You can choose either right (R) or left (L) rising.

ZikZak elements are attached to the surface from the side, therefore the 50 mm wide BigCats reinforcement sticker is not available.

The durability of the parts is based on a design where the ends of the parts face up and down: In this case, the part will bear the vertical load best. We recommend:

- installing the parts with the sisal side facing upwards

- not to install the parts horizontally

Attaching the elements to the glass is always a safety issue for you and your cat, as we cannot guarantee complete success. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information on mounting.

Your ZikZakSerie-17All is made to order. So choose your personal colour combination from our wide range of colours.

As a set, you save more compared to buying the elements individually (5 %).

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