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Balk bridge element

Balk bridge element

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The Balk series is an excellent solution if you want to save space, but at the same time give your cat the opportunity to cross, for example, a wall opening in the wall as a bridge. By crossing the wall opening, your cat's ability to climb and move in height will no longer be restricted.

The Balk element is also beautiful on the wall as part of your decor. Available in 3 standard lengths: 120 cm, 150 cm, and 180 cm and 3 depths of 13 cm, 17 cm and 25 cm. 25 cm depth is not possible with the opening.

Also note that it is difficult to turn a normal sized cat on 13 cm deep elements, so it is more one way at a time.

Please indicate if you are installing the Balk bridge element over an opening in the wall. In this case, we will label the element to fit the installation. Please also indicate the width of the opening.

For Balk bridge element you can order our affordable BigCats reinforcement package for large and heavy cats, which strengthens the furniture to take more, but does not increase the size of the furniture.

Your Balk bridge element is made to order. So choose your personal colour combination from our wide range of colours.


Colour options

Choose the colours at the end of your order, either from the colour combinations or customise your own colours: Sisal-Cloth-Binding.

Our fixing methods

Find out more about our fixing method.

Our cat furniture is quick and easy to install, even on your own. All our products are fully ready for installation. Installation is completely tool-free: no drilling, no hammer, no screws, no plugs. The wall-mounting stickers are ironed firmly into the wall with an iron. Attach the wall stickers according to the instructions supplied, so that they stick permanently to the wall. Over time, the stickers will adhere even more firmly to the wall.

Different wall surfaces

Our cat furniture is often fixed to a variety of wall surfaces: painted concrete or plasterboard, brick or block, wallpaper or various types of sheeting.

Very suitable wall surfaces
The most common painted surfaces, such as painted concrete or plasterboard. Surfaces covered with fibreglass wallpaper are also reliable, even if the wallpaper has textures. Other suitable surfaces include various types of decorative tiles for walls.

Please note that the newly painted wall must be completely dry before applying the sticker. The drying time of the paint depends, among other things, on the number of coats, the properties of the paint and the brand of paint.

Wide stickers
If the wall is otherwise suitable but the wall surface is rough, you should order cat furniture with wider stickers that cost a little more. Such surfaces include brick and block surfaces with joints that require a wide sticker to cross them. A wider sticker will also help on some lightly plastered surfaces.

Advance testing with a test sticker

However, today's wallpapers have a variety of coatings, some of which will reject the adhesive of a sticker. If in doubt, order a free test sticker to test the adhesion of the surface. Deeper plasters are also best tested in advance.

Background plate

We do not recommend the use of through-bolting to fix furniture components. Alternatively, you can purchase a backing plate the size of the furniture, which is easier to fix to the wall with screws. Thicker boards such as 15-18 mm mdf, osb or chipboard only need 2-4 screws to be fixed. The cat furniture is fixed to the panel using standard sheet metal fixing pegs.

Watch the instruction video before installation and read the full fixing instructions that come with the kit. Read the instructions carefully. A properly made wall fixing will last in the future without deterioration.

BigCats reinforcement package


For big cats, more stable cat furniture!

Due to their large paws, a lot of force is exerted on cat furniture. The BigCats reinforcement pack is specially designed for large and heavy cats to reinforce the element so that it can withstand more pressure. The BigCats reinforcement package does not increase the size of the element.

The BigCats reinforcement package modifies the element in 3 ways: the chain bar is double stitched, the 50mm Velcro straps and a frame reinforced with a water-soluble, emission-free coating.

If your cat weighs over 8kg we recommend a reinforcement pack, for 10kg cats this is required. If the cat furniture is narrower than 25 cm, the BigCats reinforcement pack may not be needed.

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