Your cat. Our expertise. Handmade cat furniture for a happy cat's home.


Price €67.00

Functional thinking and responsible use of materials are the cornerstones of TabooOval's design. Modern design offers many possibilities in interior design. The Taboo range is available in 2 lengths (50 and 75 cm) and 3 depths (13, 17 and 25 cm). The elegant TabooOval element is stunning either on its own or combined with other cat furniture.

TabooOval pieces with a depth of 25 cm are not recommended for large cats for horizontal installation, there are no restrictions for vertical or tilted installation.

Environmental and sustainability issues are important to us. We make the best possible use of the materials we use to conserve natural resources. That's why a 13 cm piece is always affordable.

For TabooOval you can order our affordable BigCats reinforcement package for large and heavy cats, which strengthens the furniture to take more, but does not increase the size of the furniture.

Your TabooOval cat furniture is made to order. So choose your personal colour combination from our wide range of colours.

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