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Pilaster-climbing posts

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Pilaster-climbing posts
Pilaster-climbing posts

The very popular pilaster climbing posts

With the pilaster element, which is mounted directly on the wall, you can make climbing easier for your cat. The modern and clear design of the climbing posts fits harmoniously and space-saving in any room. Our quality sisal gives your cat's claws a secure hold and makes it possible for your cat to climb to its sleeping place on existing cat furniture, for example. The pilaster is not only suitable for climbing, but also for claw care.

Choose from 3 different  combinations to suit your cat. 

For Pilaster you can order our affordable BigCats reinforcement package for large and heavy cats, which strengthens the furniture to take more, but does not increase the size of the furniture.

Your Pilaster is made to order. So choose your personal colour combination from our wide range of colours.

As a set, you save more compared to buying the elements individually (5 %).

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